Viva Las Vegas

    Beware, this post is going to be picture heavy. Also, please remember all but two of these are SOOC (straight out of camera), shot with my P&S or iPhone and some not by me…LOL!   I suppose since my body (and Bryan’s snoring) won’t let me sleep, I *should* be productive and actually

New Mexico through my lens

Thursday after work, I flew out to New Mexico to spend the weekend with Bryan. By that point, we hadn’t seen each other in 54 days and while we have done longer, if we don’t have to, why torture ourselves. I stayed until Sunday and really didn’t want to come home. I seriously contemplated staying

I’m going…

…to see Bryan! I’m going to see Bryan! Originally, it was not in the plans for me to go see Bryan during this TDY. In between the PCS, me finishing up at work, school, etc compiled with the fact that Bryan wasn’t supposed to have a rental car, we briefly mentioned it and then dropped

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PCS Road Trip

54 more days until we PCS. It seems so close yet so far. Sigh. I am truly ready to just finally be on the other side of this journey. Everyone keeps telling me that I should be grateful that we had this much notice but I beg to differ. 9 months from the retraining approval

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and we are off..

No, I didn’t really write this at 0530 in the morning. Technology is awesome, isn’t it?! By the time you read this, J and I will be on the road to San Antonio. The long LONG road…LOL! We’ll be back Sunday night, so everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving!!

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Tuesday’s Tidbits

So, miscellaneous Monday is not more, Monday is just a really bad day for me to try and sit down and blog. So, we are going to try Tuesday’s Tidbits instead…LOL! Relay for Life was this past weekend and a huge success. The Niceville and Valparaiso communities raised more than $116,000 and we had 188