Tuesday Tidbits | 02.21.17

Why can’t people find better hobbies and use their intelligence to cure cancer or something? Came home from a weekend in Phoenix, only to discover unauthorized charges on my main credit card. The card is in my possession and I’ve reviewed everywhere I’ve been and used it. All legit businesses. Sigh. Our home network is

Tuesday Tidbits

Our household finally got some good news recently! It looks like Bryan will be moving to a new job in the group (squadron—>group–>wing–>etc) very soon! He is super excited about it and I am excited about the lower chance of 0315 shows. Those sure are fun when you live 45 minutes away! I’m not 100%

Miscellaneous Monday

We leave for Hawaii on Wednesday y’all. Nothing is packed and my house is a disaster zone. Breathe, Lacey.   I finally got my main 2017 race schedule ironed out and paid for. So far, there is one local race and three travel races. I’ll probably pick up a couple more local races along the

Miscellaneous Monday

I finally finished A Man Called Ove, my third whole book this year. We won’t mention that 2 were audiobooks finished during our PCS here…LOL!   Yesterday, Bryan and I were supposed to go walking. Instead, it turned into an over 5.5 mile and 500+ foot ascent hike. You’d think after 17.5 years, I’d know

miscellaneous Monday (slacker edition)

Yes, the slacker edition. I started this last Monday, yes you read that right, April 13th. Then intended to finish it yesterday, but as we can all see THAT didn’t happen… Think I will get it finished today?! Well, summer is definitely coming now. How do I know you ask?! The roaches (or palmetto bugs,

miscellaneous Monday

Last week, I was on a cooking kick (and unfortunately the scale shows it). I used to cook all the time, but since going back to work I am usually too tired to REALLY do anything creative in the kitchen. Still not sure what got into me last week. I made low(er) fat caramel pie

miscellaneous Monday

So, I FINALLY broke my plateau and dropped a few pounds this week. I am only 2.4 pounds away from my first major goal and I am absolutely thrilled. Watch though, I’ll go on another 3 week hiatus from losing anything…LOL! Tasks, to do lists, etc? Anyone use them? I use Outlook tasks and paper