August in review

I’m so late on the end of month review this month, that I was beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just wait a few more days and combine it with October’s update. August has been so busy, we often don’t know if we are coming or going! Jacey started school, choir, gymnastics and cheerleading this […]


what a crybaby!

Well, today was Jacey’s first day on the bus. She was supposed to ride yesterday but, unknown to us, there was no service yesterday (talk about a fiasco to start the day…ugh). She has been bouncing off the walls excited, since we told her she was going to get to ride the bus and I […]



Sorry I am being such a bad blogger:-( I am SOOO swamped right now! I have been training at work and we have something to do EVERY single evening this week as well. Such is life though, right?! I can say though, that so far I LOVE my job!! Anyway, I need to go…I am […]