Miscellaneous Monday

I finally finished A Man Called Ove, my third whole book this year. We won’t mention that 2 were audiobooks finished during our PCS here…LOL!   Yesterday, Bryan and I were supposed to go walking. Instead, it turned into an over 5.5 mile and 500+ foot ascent hike. You’d think after 17.5 years, I’d know

2 Years of Kicking Cancers Ass

On August 28th, I celebrated two years post-chemo. Two years of kicking cancers ass to the curb. Two years of suffering through side effects and living life anyway. What have I been doing in those 2 years…well, let’s see. Obviously, NOT blogging. LOL! I RAN my first 5K in 5 years. I spent a week at

embracing felicity is hard

  Embracing felicity is hard throughout this journey. Most days I do okay, but others, I still want to scream, cry and ask God why. Almost 6 years later and I still struggle with the whole grief process. What are there, 5 stages…yeah, I hit 3. Bargaining and depression aren’t in my game plan right