Grateful Friday | 06.22.18

It has been a LONG while since I have done one of these. Heck, it has been a long time since I have even posted, so I figured now was as good of a time as any. ;-) 1. My surgery recovery has gone better than expected. Three weeks of no running down, fingers crossed

Grateful Friday | 06.30.17

1. Jacey had a great time in Orlando, thanks to the generous hearts of many of our friends and family! She made top 20 in her event as a freshman and is already looking forward to next year! 2. I fit into size 8 dress pants this week AND could breathe! 3. A great race

Grateful Friday | 06.16.17

1. Piper and Peyton, these two annoying, furry things have been a part of our family for a year now. 2. Medical providers/facilities that earn my trust and make things happen. 3. A few days in Texas with my girl, sight-seeing and enjoying time together around medical appointments. 4. Lunch with Teetra (my Mom) and Kevin.

Grateful Friday | 04.28.2017

1. Surviving 18 years of this crazy, Air Force life. 2. Getting back on track with my eating after a couple of weeks of too many calories. Thankfully, I only gained 1 pound with my escapades. 3. Old Navy Supercash and new clothes that actually fit! Now just to get all my old, too big

Grateful Friday

1. We survived our 8 medical appointment week + normal everyday stuff with hair left. 2. Fresh hair. I postponed my visit with Jessica by a week and it showed. 3. Date night week! A hilarious play at the local community theater and an amazing brownie mint pie. Time for just us is much needed in our

Grateful Friday

1. New clothes and shoes! Size 14 pants (I can get a 12 on, but it still isn’t pretty) and large shirts…woohoo! And shoes, I’ve lost a whole size! It feels so much better to not be swimming in everything I own. 2. Jacey’s meds finally came in and she’s on her way to getting

Grateful Friday

1. Almost 3 weeks completed in my classes and I’m still holding A’s. Somehow. 2. A relatively calm week. Some weeks, I feel like I need to buckle up and hang on. 3. I am finally within a minute of my 2009 5k PR! Slowly getting faster. 4. Starbucks dates with Bryan. 5. Short week.

Grateful Friday

1. The financial ability to take a stress-free vacation to Hawai’i and it was all covered by cash. 2. Safe travels, to and from Hawai’i and around the islands. 3. Big dreams and a husband that wants to help them come true. 4. A munchkin who likes to cook and takes over dinner. 5. A

Grateful Friday

1. Twelve more days until vacation! 2. Celebrating two years in remission! 3. Yoga, even if I am sore. 4. Safe travels, another week of lots of miles. 5. Seat heaters and remote start, it was COLD outside today.

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