Tuesday Tidbits

I am SO tired lately. Part of it is my moods, part is I haven’t been able to run and the other part is..who knows. I was in bed by 10pm last night, up at 6:15am this morning and didn’t feel like I slept at all. I even left work early today and took a


I am much calmer today than I was last night. I (yes, me) even apologized to Bryan for overreacting last night. Whie I am still not happy about the change, it could be worse. It could be for longer or it could be him that is going back after Christmas instead of someone else. I

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recent project

I finished this project last month and forgot to share. There is a lady I work with that is just my saving grace some days. She rejoices with me when I am happy and is there for me when I’m not. I am so blessed to work with so many wonderful people, but I was

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miscellaneous Monday

Today, I am scattered…so therefore my post will be too :-) Gifted Testing x2 – Bright and early, this morning Jacey had her second round of gifted testing. Why Florida requires so much is beyond me, but such is life. If you remember, last time, she made a 134 which is considered gifted. She had

SYTYCS weeks 1 & 2

So. Jen and I are partners over at the Shanty for So You Think You Can Scrap. We’ve made it to round 3, so I can share my weeks 1 & 2 layouts. This is definitely challenging, having to follow prompts but lots of fun too (plus I am actually scrapping again:-).

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a bit of hybrid

Now that everyone *should* have gotten these, I can now share. I made these thank you gifts for a few people I work with that have helped my with Jacey during all this medical stuff. I also plan to make them for her teacher, choir director and Sunday school teachers. Then I made these for

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scrapping bug

Well, I have been itching to scrap for a few days but just never seem to have the time. Well, tonight I just set aside everything else I should have been doing and had a bit of a creative release. But boy, am I rusty…LOL! Click to see bigger…(credits are over at flickr)

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NSD goodies

Well, today is National Scrapbooking Day aka *huge* sale day. While I haven’t been buying much in the way of scrapping supplies since, well, I haven’t been scrapping I couldn’t resist today. Besides, I needed stuff for the Mom’s day gifts anyway:-) So, I headed over to Sweet Shoppe and Memory Makers Magazine and got

flickr fun

I stumbled across this somewhere and thought it looked like a lot of fun. If you do it on your blog, be sure to leave a comment and link me up! Here are the rules for a little blog post about me: 1. go to www.flickr.com 2. type in your answer to the question in