chapter 38.

Last Sunday was my birthday. Chapter 38. A new year. New experiences. New challenges. New blessings. New lessons. Chapter 37 taught me many lessons. A few stood out the most. I can survive getting told that my cancer is back. While I “knew” that someday I would hear those words again, a little piece of me

Dear Cancer | National Cancer Survivors Day 2017

Dear Cancer, In 2008, you reared your ugly head. I always knew you would. Eventually. At 28 it was daunting to hear. I went from a wife and mom just living her life, to being scared and constantly plastering fake smiles to my face. Eventually, you just became the norm. I lived life among the

Miscellaneous Monday

We leave for Hawaii on Wednesday y’all. Nothing is packed and my house is a disaster zone. Breathe, Lacey.   I finally got my main 2017 race schedule ironed out and paid for. So far, there is one local race and three travel races. I’ll probably pick up a couple more local races along the

2 Years of Kicking Cancers Ass

On August 28th, I celebrated two years post-chemo. Two years of kicking cancers ass to the curb. Two years of suffering through side effects and living life anyway. What have I been doing in those 2 years…well, let’s see. Obviously, NOT blogging. LOL! I RAN my first 5K in 5 years. I spent a week at

FCR Chemotherapy Round 6

We are finally hitting the end. This last month has been an emotional rollercoaster for me and my poor family probably wants to strangle me by now. I knew from the beginning that 6 rounds was very probable, but you still hold out hope that it will be less. Especially with results like mine immediately after