base entry

So, my husband has a tendency to forget things and I have a tendency to call him a dork for it. Well, Thursday his boss called to let him know that he had left his ID at work (quite a common occurrence for many people now that they have to use their ID’s to log

9 years….

only 11+ more to go…LOL! Today is Bryan’s 9 year Air Force anniversary. Some days I can’t fathom how it has been this long and others, it already feels like a lifetime! I am very proud of him though and his determination to stick with it and do the right thing, no matter how hard

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poor guy

So, we put Bry on a plane today to St. Louis for the week. First, his flight from here to Memphis was severely delayed, then he has to run to his connecting flight in Memphis to make it. Gets to St. Louis, only to discover his luggage is either lost or never made it onto

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