throwing in the towel

Well, I give up…LOL! I started the 101 in 1001 with every intention of finishing it but alas, life is getting in the way. While I have a good start, with our upcoming move and such, there is NO way I will get done before my 31st birthday. Ah well, such is life sometimes, right?!

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AYKM (Wednesday edition)

Are you kidding me? Yes, I stole that line from one of my fav photographers, Bobbi+Mike. Monday, Bry and I were out running errands and I had a wild hair to run into Kohl’s. I was looking for another pair of Levi’s, the exact same as I had on, only in one size smaller…a 10.

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#3 & #4 are complete (101 in 1001)

3. Complete the Gate-to-Gate run. 4. Run the Gate-to-Gate run. This was *the* race I have been training for, since starting to run again in September 2008. I didn’t know how well I was going to do, since my training has been…eh…since my gallbladder surgery. But, I came in at 49:36 with an 11:16/mile which

#26 is complete (101 in 1001)

26. Go to a concert. We saw Revive, Brandon Heath and Third Day at the Emerald Coast Convention Center on April 18, 2009. All three acts were fabulous and Third Day even came out into the middle of the audience and did an all request acoustic set. It was a fabulous night of praise and

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