new specs

I have worn glasses/contacts for oh, gracious, 15 years now (wow, I feel really old). We “discovered” the need when I went for my learner’s permit eye exam. Let me tell you, such fun to suddenly have to start wearing glasses in high school. Thankfully I only *really* needed them when I was driving/reading and for a long time that was the only time I would wear them. Later, wearing them just became habit and then I moved to contacts. The last 2 years, I have solely worn contacts (love my 30 day extended wear ones). The last pair of glasses I even bought, were bought when we still lived in the UK (we have been back in the states almost 4 years now). My eyes hadn’t changed enough to justify buying new ones for the one day a month I wore them. Recently though, I have toyed with the idea of wearing them more again. Glasses are stylish and fashionable and something different. Mind you, I am not giving up my contacts, I’ll still interchange them for glasses but it is nice to have a change, especially on days when my allergies are bugging me.

This is the result.


  1. Jim Bennett

    Glasses certainly look stylish.The frames direct attention to your
    beautiful eyes and the background certainly helps bring out their color.
    Very nice picture.

  2. Amy

    I have wanted classes since I was little…but I do realize the grass is always greener on the otherside of the fence~! But they are just such a cute accessory!

    Love em!

  3. Melissa N.

    I am loving those glasses! They look so good on! I’ve been in glasses since elementary, and contacts since high school – so forever! I’ve been wearing my glasses more and more here lately – especially spring/summer because of allergies, but really use my contacts for daily weararound the house.