Since we are on our way home from my appointment with my surgeon, I thought I would pop in and give an update (yes, Bryan is driving, not me :). We finally got in after almost an hour wait…nuts. Told him what was going on with my tightness. I expected a partial unfill but, nope I ended up with a complete unfill. He wants to err on the side of caution. He gave me some meds for stomach irritation, wants me to start nexium, did a blood test for h-pilori (sp?) and I get to go back to Pensacola on Friday for a gallbladder ultrasound. If all comes back okay, in 4 weeks, we can start giving me fills again.

I am glad I have a doctor that is so concerned about my well-being but, I am a bit frustrated too. My weight loss has been so consistent and now I am afraid to gain (I can’t anyway, then I won’t have any clothes since I just got rid of anything bigger than a 12 :). I honestly know I will be okay, I am dedicated to keeping the weight off, running and tracking my food intake. And besides, I did just say I’d rather have a few hunger pains than live off of liquids like I have these last two weeks. I am interested to hear the results of the tests, especially the gallbladder u/s since I was going to ask my PCM for a referral for one next week anyway. We shall see…it is just weird though that I had no problems the first four months and the last two have been so up and down.


  1. elizabeth

    You look great even through your pain! although I read above and you are doing better!!! That’s why I said you looked good! LOL.

    Keep up the great work it’s worth it!! Just yesterday I looked at a photo of my from last year and was simply amazed.. I mean totally blown away!!